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Why is Olympic sledding so harmful?

Lately, the sliding neighborhood — made up of skeleton, bobsleigh, and luge athletes — has skilled a spate of mind injury-related tragedy. At first look, the rationale why appears apparent: Sleds commonly attain speeds that high 90 miles per hour and crashes are sadly widespread.

However there’s rising analysis that reveals it is likely to be the act of sledding itself that’s the essential driver of mind harm. With each run, athletes are uncovered to immense drive and vibration, inflicting micro-concussions that may add as much as main harm. These concussions are delicate sufficient that they will go undiagnosed. However amongst sledding athletes, the signs that point out a micro-concussion — complications, dizziness, and so on. — are so widespread they’ve a particular nickname: “sled head.”

There’s lots science nonetheless doesn’t find out about sled head, and in regards to the mind usually. However from what we will inform, it’s fairly clear that sliding sports activities put the mind well being of their athletes in danger.

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