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The Programmer’s Mind – podcast

Some features of software program engineering are simply ignored. Within the guide The Programmer’s Mind a few of these like studying code, fascinated with code and collaborating on code are on the centre. On this episode, we speak to the creator of this guide to information us by way of these features.

To enhance your coding expertise it’s good to understand how your mind works. That may allow you to set your mind to be just right for you. When you spent considerably extra time on studying code than on writing code, shouldn’t we focus extra on studying to learn code? These are the subjects we discover on this episode.

When you’ve ever questioned what working smarter as an alternative of more durable is meant to appear to be, it’s best to learn this guide. I’m already seeing enhancements in my day-to-day work.

What the programmer’s mind covers

  • What each programmer must know on how the mind works.
  • What it’s best to find out about cognition.
  • Numerous workout routines for programmers.
  • How do I enhance myself on coding?
  • What’s the distinction between an knowledgeable and an intermediate programmer?
  • And Felienne shares concepts and dealing codecs to enhance collaboration on programming.


  • Felienne Hermans – Affiliate Professor at LIACS – Universiteit Leiden. Keynote speaker, podcast host and guide creator.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek




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