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Sentiment Evaluation of Hindi Textual content – Python

Sentiment Evaluation for Indic Language:  

This text reveals the best way to use the library VADER  for doing the sentiment evaluation of the Indic Language’Hindi’.  

Sentiment evaluation is a metric that conveys how optimistic or adverse or impartial the textual content or knowledge is. It’s carried out on textual knowledge to assist companies monitor model and product sentiment in buyer suggestions, and perceive buyer wants. It’s a time-efficient, cost-friendly answer to analyse big knowledge. Python avails nice assist for doing sentiment evaluation of information. Few of the libraries accessible for this function are NLTK, TextBlob and VADER.

For doing sentiment evaluation of Indic languages similar to Hindi we have to do the next duties.

  1. Learn the textual content file which is in Hindi.
  2. Translate the sentences in Hindi to the sentences in English because the python libraries do assist text-analysis within the English language. (Even for those who give the Hindi sentences to such capabilities the ‘compound rating’ which is metric of the sentiment if the sentence is calculated in a flawed method. So earlier than computing this metric conversion to the equal sentence within the English language is acceptable.)  The Google Translator helps on this process.  
  3. Do sentiment evaluation of the translated textual content utilizing any of the libraries talked about above.

The next steps should be carried out.

Step 1: Import the required libraries/packages.


import codecs


from deep_translator import GoogleTranslator


from vaderSentiment.vaderSentiment import SentimentIntensityAnalyzer

Step 2: Learn the file knowledge.  The ‘codecs’ library supplies entry to the inner Python codec registry.  Most traditional codecs are textual content encodings, which encode textual content to bytes. Customized codecs might encode and decode between arbitrary varieties


with'SampleHindiText.txt', encoding='utf-8') as f:

    sentences = f.readlines()

Step 3: Translate the sentences learn into English in order that the VADER library can course of the translated textual content for sentiment evaluation. The polarity_scores() returns the sentiment dictionary of the textual content which incorporates the ‘’compound’’ rating that tells in regards to the sentiment of the sentence as given under.

  • optimistic sentiment: compound rating >= 0.05  
  • Impartial sentiment : compound rating > -0.05 and compound rating < 0.05
  • Adverse sentiment : compound rating <= -0.05


for sentence in sentences:

    translated_text = GoogleTranslator(supply='auto', goal='en').translate(sentence)


    analyzer = SentimentIntensityAnalyzer()

    sentiment_dict = analyzer.polarity_scores(translated_text)


    print("nTranslated Sentence=",translated_text, "nDictinary=",sentiment_dict)

    if sentiment_dict['compound'] >= 0.05 :

            print("It's a Poistive Sentence")


    elif sentiment_dict['compound'] <= - 0.05 :

            print("It's a Adverse Sentence")      

    else :    

           print("It's a Impartial Sentence")

• The supply file ‘SampleHindiText.txt’ is as given under.

गोवा की यात्रा बहुत अच्छी रही।
समुद्र तट बहुत गर्म थे।
मुझे समुद्र तट पर खेलने में बहुत मजा आया।
मेरी बेटी बहुत गुस्से में थी।

• The output of the code is proven under.

Translated Sentence= The journey to Goa was nice. 
Dictinary= {'neg': 0.0, 'neu': 0.549, 'pos': 0.451, 'compound': 0.6249}
It's a Poistive Sentence

Translated Sentence= The seashores have been very popular. 
Dictinary= {'neg': 0.0, 'neu': 1.0, 'pos': 0.0, 'compound': 0.0}
It's a Impartial Sentence

Translated Sentence= I actually loved taking part in on the seashore. 
Dictinary= {'neg': 0.0, 'neu': 0.469, 'pos': 0.531, 'compound': 0.688}
It's a Poistive Sentence

Translated Sentence= My daughter was very indignant. 
Dictinary= {'neg': 0.473, 'neu': 0.527, 'pos': 0.0, 'compound': -0.5563}
It's a Adverse Sentence

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