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Probing the hydration friction of ionic interface on the atomic scale

Regardless of intensive research have been carried out in exploring the friction in aqueous atmosphere, the mechanism of hydration friction stays not effectively understood. Herein, we straight probed the hydration friction on the mica-electrolyte interface with completely different hydrated alkali cations by means of a mixture of three-dimensional atomic drive microscopy and friction drive microscopy. The atomic scale imaging of the hydration layers at mica floor in numerous electrolyte options clearly revealed the correlation between the alkali cations and the construction of the hydration layers. Our detailed evaluation confirmed that the hydration drive was a lot increased at excessive ionic concentrations than that at low concentrations. The hydration friction coefficient was discovered following the pattern of Okay+< Na+< Li+< Cs+, which contrasts with the Hofmeister sequence, indicating that the hydration friction relies upon not solely on the hydration energy of the alkali cations, but in addition on the association of the alkali cations at interface. The outcomes of this research present deep insights into the origins of hydration friction, with potential implications for growth of latest boundary lubrication in aqueous media.



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