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Plasmon-Enhanced Photoresponse of a Single Silver Nanowire and its Networked Units

Photograph-bolometric impact is critically vital in optoelectronic buildings and gadgets using metallic electrodes with nanoscale options as a result of heating brought on by the plasmonic discipline enhancement. One peculiar case is particular person silver nanowires (Ag NWs) and their networks. Ag NW-networks exhibit glorious thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties, offering a easy but dependable various to frequent versatile clear electrode supplies utilized in optoelectronic gadgets. Up to now there have been no experiences on the photoresponse of Ag NWs. On this work, we present {that a} single Ag NW and a community of such Ag NWs possess a big, intrinsic photoresponse due to the photo-bolometric impact, as straight noticed and measured utilizing scanning photocurrent microscopy. Floor plasmon polaritons (SPP) created on the contact metals or plasmons created on the nanowire-metal buildings trigger heating on the junctions the place a plasmonic discipline enhancement is feasible. The native heating of the Ag NWs leads to unfavourable photoconductance as a result of bolometric impact. Right here an open-circuit response as a result of plasmon-enhanced Seebeck impact was recorded on the NW-metal contact junctions. The SPP-assisted bolometric impact is discovered to be additional enhanced by adorning the Ag NWs with Ag nanoparticles. These observations are related to the usage of metallic nanowires in plasmonic functions particularly and in optoelectronics generally. Our findings could pave the trail for plasmonics enabled sensing with out a spectroscopic detection.



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