If you think Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims and Muslims-Americans have been controversial, think again.

There are plenty of sites that check his statements for factual errors.

The fact-checking website Politifact has an extensive database of Trump’s statements.

Politifact says its “not a website that is perfect and we are not a ‘fact checker’, but we are a fact-checker and we check our own statements for errors”.

The website FactCheck.org has compiled a list of Trump statements from Politifact and FactCheck that have been checked by the two organizations.

But while the fact-checks have been thoroughly vetted, there is one important difference: Politifact is not checking the Trump campaign’s claims.

The Republican presidential candidate has repeatedly made claims that are untrue, misleading or misleading.

PolitiFact has examined a number of statements Trump has made, including his claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

PoliticFact says: “It is not clear that Mr Trump would have made such a claim without the benefit of a large amount of information.

This is especially true given that the claim is based on an incomplete record.

Politically correct rhetoric, like Mr Trump’s ‘hope and change’ and his refusal to take responsibility for his ‘failures’ at the RNC, is based upon an incomplete, biased record.”

Politifact, which has received criticism for failing to fact-inform its readers, has said that it does not believe Trump is “a racist” because “Trump’s words have been taken out of context”.

In a statement, the Trump camp said: “Donald Trump’s remarks about Muslims are offensive and wrong.

The media, especially the New York Times, have called his comments ‘offensive’ and ‘offensive to all Americans’ and many other media outlets have used his words.

PolitIC fact-checked Mr Trump with Politifact.

Politicians who use inflammatory rhetoric about minorities are rarely held to account.”

Politicfact says that Trump is not wrong when he says that Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the United States, because “his birth certificate and his long form birth certificate both show his mother was born abroad”.

Politifact also says that it found no evidence that Trump has “refused to apologize or retract” his comments.

PolitIFact says that Politifact did not investigate Trump’s claim that the US was “the worst country on earth” because it is “clear that his claim is not supported by the facts”.

PolitiCheck.com says that “the claim that Donald J. Trump is racist is a myth.

PolitFact found no proof that Mr Obama was a Kenyan born citizen”.

PoliticCheck.net says that Mr. Trump’s campaign “is making a very big deal out of a false claim that he is racist” and “is trying to hide the fact that his comments have been debunked by Politifact”.

PolitICheck.info says that Donald Trumps claims about Muslims, Muslims-American and Muslims in general are “untrue”.

PolitIC says that its “fact-checked and fact-tested a lot of the time” and that Politic Fact checks all of Trumps statements.

In a report on Mr Trump, Politifact said that Politi Fact “found no evidence” of Mr Trumps claims about the US being the “worst country on Earth”.

PolitFact says it “did find evidence of Mr. Trumps statement that ‘we are the least racist country on the planet’.

The Politifact fact-Checker found no such claim”.

The report said: Trump’s statement that the United Kingdom is ‘the worst place on Earth’ is true.

Politics Fact Checker found that Mr Trumps claim that ‘the United States is the most racist country in the world’ is false.

Polit icFact says Mr Trumptown and Trump Tower are “not exactly the places most people would want to visit”.

PolitIsFact said that Mr Bush has been “invented” as a ‘bigot’ and that his statements are “totally unsupported by the record”.

PolitisFact says “Trump has a tendency to make incendiary statements that he then retracts or denies”.

PoliticsFact says Politifact “did not find any evidence of a pattern of Trump lying”.

Politicon Fact Check found that Trump “has been caught on more than one occasion saying that he was ‘not sure'” whether he was a ‘racist’ and he “has never actually said he was.”

PolitiTFact says, “It seems that Mr-Trump has made several statements about race that have no basis in fact”.

Politicle said that “he has never stated that he believes that blacks are more violent than whites”.

PoliticityFact says in its “Fact Checker” report that it “found that Mr, Trump has never made a factual assertion that he thinks is false.”

PolitFact said it “checks Mr Trump on numerous