By JASON HUSSEINThe Google logo for the online storage service Godaddy is undergoing a makeover that includes a bee.

In a move that’s set to change how many people are able to see the word “Bumble” on their computers, Google is launching an app that allows people to search for it in the Google search results for search terms.

Users will be able to search the Google logo to find the word and then see the search results on their phones or tablets.

Google said in a blog post that the move was designed to “give people the opportunity to explore more and more search terms, in an effort to find more interesting, relevant and useful information in their searches.”

In addition to the bee, the new logo includes an eagle, a bee and a bee stingray.

The word Bumblebee has also been removed from the Google homepage and the company’s website.

Google’s logo is now displayed at the top of search results and in the search bar, instead of on top of a list.

The company has said it’s removing the bee from its homepage because it was deemed too distracting.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in March that the company was considering whether to redesign the company logo for other products, such as mobile apps, websites and search results.