The Associated Press – The restaurant industry is set to experience a surge in new restaurant openings in 2018 as the nation’s economy continues to rebound, with many expecting more than 2 million more new jobs to be created in the first half of 2019, according to an industry survey.

The AP-NORC Center for American Progress found that restaurant openings are set to increase by 2.1 million by 2021, the most recent year for which data is available.

The pace of growth is expected to accelerate in the second half of 2021, with nearly 7 million openings expected by 2021 and 7.7 million openings by 2024, according the survey by the National Restaurant Association.

More:In 2018, the number of restaurants opening increased by about 12 percent, according a report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

That number was expected to increase another 3 percent in 2019.

The survey of more than 1,000 U.N. restaurants also found that overall restaurant openings increased by 9 percent in 2018.

In 2018, openings increased at the same rate in 2017, with overall openings rising by 8.5 percent.

That is expected this year to reach 13.1 percent in 2020, and 15.6 percent in 2021, according TOJO.

That’s up from the 15 percent growth in 2017.

In the first quarter of 2019 the industry saw 1.1 billion new restaurant reservations, up from 874 million reservations in the same period in 2017 and the first full quarter of 2020.

The total number of new restaurant guests rose 9.3 percent in the quarter.

Overall restaurant openings and dining room occupancy increased in 2018 at the pace of 6.4 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

The increase was driven by a 3.1 percentage point increase in total restaurant openings, and a 2.2 percentage point jump in restaurant dining room, according ToJO.

In addition, restaurants that were in the process of relocating from the U:New York area experienced an increase of 5.2 percent in total occupancy and a 3 percent increase in restaurant room.

This year, more than 100 new restaurants are expected to open across the country, including two of the nation.

A majority of the new restaurants will be in states that are not yet part of the Northeast Corridor corridor of the U-New York corridor.

Among the new openings expected to come to New York state are restaurants in the Greater New York region, a group that includes the Bronx and Brooklyn, according The Associated New York Times.

The Times article said that the new restaurant will open in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, the Upper East Side, Lower East Side and the Bronx.