In recent years, ecommerce websites have seen their share of controversy.

In Italy, a number of sites have been caught using deceptive tactics to attract buyers.

The latest example concerns ecommerce site Ecommerce.

The site is registered in Italy, but the website is hosted in China.

The company has been caught up in an investigation by Italian prosecutors, who have ordered the closure of the site.

In the past few years, Italian companies have faced accusations of using deceptive methods to gain market share.

In some cases, the alleged deception was done in the name of a foreign company.

The most prominent example is the sale of luxury car brands to a Chinese consortium.

However, the allegations of this practice have been widely criticised, with some commentators saying that such practices should be prohibited.

A number of companies, including eBay, Amazon and PayPal have been forced to shut down their ecommerce operations in the past two years.

In June, eBay suspended its Chinese operations in Italy.

In February, PayPal also decided to stop operating in Italy due to the accusations against the company.

In 2018, a Chinese firm, Quanta Group, was forced to close its Italian offices following the investigation.