A couple, including a minor, were arrested on Friday night in Gaza City after an Israeli border guard said they were suspected of plotting to enter the territory illegally, the Israeli military said.

The IDF said that the couple, who are both residents of the nearby town of Shejaiya, were suspected to have been planning to enter Gaza without a permit, as the Israeli civil registry is not yet updated.

The pair were arrested while they were on their way to Shejaeya.

A third person was also detained, the military said, adding that they were carrying no weapons.

The arrests come days after a Palestinian rocket fired from the coastal enclave hit an Israeli military vehicle and injured a soldier.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Friday that at least one person had been killed in that incident, which occurred near the border fence between Israel and Gaza.

The Israeli military has repeatedly said that it has no record of anyone entering Gaza without permission, despite the presence of thousands of Palestinians living in the area.

The border is routinely closed, as is the only border crossing into Gaza.