The Japanese anime adaptation of the manga has been announced.

The title of the anime series is Haruhi – Suzumiyasai (Haru-hi – The Movie).

It will premiere in February 2018, with the final season to premiere in 2019.

A total of nine episodes will air every week.

The anime will focus on the life of a high school student who comes to the attention of the police and his classmate, but he discovers the dark secret behind the incident.

The new director of the series is Yuuji Kanemoto, who previously worked on the TV series ‘Izette’ (My Little Sister Is Going to Hell), ‘Kuromori’, ‘Sakura Wars’ and ‘The New Adventures of Kizumonogatari’.

Yuuja will also be writing and directing the show’s script.

Haruho – Suzamiyasairu will be the first anime adaptation to be based on the manga, which is currently serialized in Kodansha ‘s Monthly Shonen Magazine.

In March 2018, Viz Media released the first chapter of the original manga.

The manga also inspired an anime adaptation in 2014.

Viz Media’s ‘The Story of the High School Girl’ manga is published in North America, and Viz Media ‘The Adventure of the Three Girls’ manga and television anime series are published in Europe.

The series is currently ranked number nine on Amazon Japan ‘s top ten manga and anime lists.

The Haruhime – Suzumisairu anime series has been licensed for television by TV Tokyo .

Haruhou – Suzimashari will air in 2019, and a second season of the main anime series will premiere on the Tokyo MX TV channel in 2020.

The first season of Haru-hime ‘s new anime will premiere this February.

VizMedia also released the second and third season of The Story of Haku-chan , which premiered in Japan in 2016.

The second season premiered in English as The Story Of Haku -chan , and VizMedia released the third season in English, with English subtitles.