If you’ve been reading the Gucci website, you’ve probably seen a link to a sweatshirt with a giant logo, and you know exactly what that means: It’s Gucci.

And you’ve also probably heard someone say, “That’s a Gucci shirt.”

But that’s not what’s on the Guccies website.

The brand’s new logo has a slightly different color scheme than the original, but the main idea behind it remains the same.

That’s because Gucci uses an old logo for its sweatshorts, which the brand has been using for years.

And while the new logo seems to be a bit different, it’s not really a change from what the brand did for its first line of sweatshims back in 2012.

Gucci has been working on new sweatshills for years, and its first ones are actually pretty darn good.

They’re not super bold or flashy, but they’re still pretty cool.

And they look good.

Here’s a look at one of Gucci’s latest designs:It’s still the same colors as the original (which was called the “Chameleon” brand, after the color scheme of the character of the same name from the Marvel comic books).

But the brand’s also changed up how it’s used on the label, which makes the new line more like a traditional sweatshirt.

It also makes it more accessible, and is less expensive than what you’re used to buying online.

(It’s also the cheapest sweatshirt in the brand, at $50.)

But while the brand is working on a new line, it hasn’t actually announced any specific dates for the new releases.

So for now, you can’t really expect to see them on the site for a long time.

However, we did find a few images of the new Gucci-branded sweatshirt that looks more like an actual Gucci design than the old ones.

So, we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at what we can see, and see if it’s all we can expect to find on the brand soon.