The company said Thursday it will soon begin rolling out new software updates that will make the Windows browser’s default settings harder to hack.

The company has been using a feature called “session logging” to make its Windows 10 browser more difficult for hackers to access, even if they are not physically in the browser.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will add a new setting called “restrictions on session logging,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“In addition to making this setting less likely to be exploited, the new settings will also make it easier for us to detect if you are using this setting and to help prevent the unauthorized use of your Windows 10 device,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft will continue to update its browser to prevent a new security vulnerability from becoming widespread.

“We are continuing to work with partners to make this setting more robust and secure in the future,” the company said.

Microsoft’s security update for Windows 10 is expected to roll out over the next few weeks.

For now, Microsoft’s security team is working on making the browser more secure.

The Windows 10 update will be the first in Microsoft’s strategy to counter a potential cyberattack that could compromise the security of more than a billion Windows users.

In a blog posting, Microsoft said the update will help Microsoft protect users by “reducing the amount of time it takes for an attacker to obtain access to your device or network.

For example, if you use your PC to download and install software, the attacker will need to wait for the download to complete before attempting to break in.”

The company also noted that the update, which is a new feature, is available now and will not be rolled out in a future update.

The updates are also expected to address security vulnerabilities in some older versions of Windows.

Windows 10, which Microsoft started rolling out last month, is Microsoft’s most popular operating system for PCs.