The U.S. Department of Labor has launched a new website aimed at making it easier for workers to keep tabs on their unemployment benefits.

The website, which has been available since last month, is part of the department’s push to make it easier to track payments and benefits and to provide job search services to those in the job market.

“The purpose of this site is to assist workers with their unemployment insurance obligations,” a Department of Employment and Training spokesman said in a statement.

“By providing this information, we hope to help workers better understand the benefits they will receive and the process that will take place to receive them.

The site is available for anyone who wants to check on their eligibility, to view their unemployment benefit status, and to view current information on their benefits.”

The new website was developed in cooperation with JobLink, an online job search service that provides a number of services to assist people in the labor market.

The new website is intended to give employers more flexibility to make decisions about how to help their employees, JobLink CEO and founder Mark Hilder said in an interview.

JobLink helps employers hire and retain workers in the marketplace and connects them with job openings, as well as offers job search and other job search tools to help employees find and apply for jobs.

The company offers both online and mobile tools, including search engines, tools to connect people to employers and information about the companies they are working for.

Hilder and other JobLink employees said they hoped the new site would help workers more quickly track their unemployment, because most people don’t know how to navigate the process of applying for a job.

They also said it would help them keep track of their benefits, which can be difficult to track once the application is made online.

“We want to make sure that when people receive their unemployment check that they can make sure they get their money,” Hilders said.

“It will be great to see more people using this information.”

The department launched the website in November as part of its efforts to increase transparency about unemployment benefits, as it faces criticism from Republicans over the cost of administering unemployment benefits and for its lack of information about who is eligible for benefits and how long they will remain on the rolls.