The number of hotel websites that accept bitcoin has surged, with hotels in Italy now offering payment options including hotel credit cards, hotel gift cards and gift cards for hotel rooms.

The rise of these online hotel booking sites has been met with scepticism from some quarters, particularly because the payment methods are not regulated by the European Union.

The news came as Italy’s Minister of State for Finance Angelino Alfano said his country will introduce a law in March to legalize bitcoin payments, in line with an EU initiative to make it easier for online payment systems to accept the digital currency.

“The law will be in place on the 3rd of March 2018.

In the first half of the year, it will become an instrument for the development of the technology for the digital payment, which is currently being developed in the EU.

This will allow us to allow the use of bitcoin by hotels and other entities for payments,” Alfano told reporters.

Alfano also said the government will soon make it possible to use the bitcoin payment system to pay for a hotel room with gift cards or gift cards.

“It will be possible to pay with bitcoin in hotels.

And we will see the introduction of gift cards with the payment service of Airbnb,” Alfana said.”

We will see that this will be legal, and it will be easier for hoteliers to accept it,” he added.

The Minister said the bill will also be able to provide for the payment of hotel rooms with gift or gift card.

“This will be an instrument of the payment for the accommodation, the hotel, and the hotel will be able use it.

And Airbnb will be permitted to be the payment processor for the hotel,” Alfani said.

A number of online hotel sites are accepting bitcoin as payment, including TripAdvisor and Expedia.