Google has quietly been working to improve its search rankings for a few years now, but this latest move may be the first time the search giant has been openly talking about a new home decor category.

In a new post to its home decor blog, Google says it’s working to provide more relevant results to users who search for products from its “We love home decor” category.

Google’s blog post, which is the first publicly shared product category Google has publicly talked about since the search engine launched the category in 2012, was titled “We Love Home Decorating” and refers to a wide range of products including furniture, home decor, books, music, and more.

The “We like home decorating” category is one of several categories Google has opened up to developers to create products for its “Home and Garden” service, which it launched in 2012.

Google has been working on a range of new products in this category, including “Cedar Wood Wallpaper” and “Garden Tile Wallpaper,” both of which feature wood.

The Home and Garden service launched in 2014 and Google has now expanded the category to include other products such as “Carpet” and other furniture and appliances, but the focus has been on the more affordable side of the home decor space.

In the post, Google describes the new category as an opportunity to offer a “more personalized and relevant product experience.”

The post also explains how Google has partnered with “HomeKit” to help users make their homes “smart,” and offers a few suggestions on how users can find products with that capability.

It also says Google is “working on more ways to make it easier for users to find products that match their lifestyle, and we want to be part of this.”