The biggest websites are one of the best ways to keep yourself on top of the latest news and information.

But some of the sites you might consider avoiding include: 1.

Facebook: If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to reconsider your use of the social media giant.

The social network is under fire after a report found that it had used data from millions of people to target ads based on their friends and their political affiliation.

The company says that its ads have been removed, but some advertisers are still paying for Facebook’s data to be used.

Facebook says it uses data from Facebook to make its ads more relevant.


LinkedIn: The social networking company is facing criticism for using data from its user base to target advertisements to specific users.

In a blog post, LinkedIn said that it uses the information to improve the experience of its users and to better understand their interests.


Yahoo: The web search giant is a big target for social media users.

Yahoo has a lot of data about its users.

It uses the data to make more targeted ads to those users.


Google: Google’s data is used to target users based on the search terms they type into its search box.


Facebook Live: Facebook Live allows users to see live video feeds of other people’s videos.

It also allows users who don’t have access to a video feed to upload their own videos.


YouTube: YouTube is a popular online video service that lets users stream videos from around the world, but its ad network has been criticized for using its data to target advertisers.


Twitter: Twitter is known for being an easy target for marketers, especially with its huge amount of followers and followers’ likes.

It’s also known for tracking the people that follow users on its platform.


Snapchat: Snapchat is known to have been used to track users in its ad system and has been accused of being a platform for advertisers to target their content to people.


Youtube: YouTube has also been criticized by the Federal Trade Commission for being used to make targeted ads.


Twitter Inc.: Twitter has been under fire for its use of its ad platform to target the ads of advertisers.

It says that it will not use any data from Twitter’s ad platform for its own ad targeting, but will instead use data from other sources.


SnapChat Plus: Snapchat Plus is a new ad service that allows users in the U.S. to advertise on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Pinterest: Pinterest is the most popular social media site in the world and the biggest target for advertisers.

But the company says it will remove the ads that have been shown on its pages from advertisers.


Instagram: Instagram has been a target for the online advertising industry since its launch in 2009.

Instagram has a huge amount to do with online advertising, and its data could be used to find and target users in targeted ads based upon their interests and interests groups.


Baidu: Baidu is a search engine, and it’s one of China’s top targets for online advertisers.

Baidus ads are being shown in the search results of people’s search queries.


YouTube and Google: YouTube and Google are both search engines that are constantly looking for new ways to make money off of their users.

But YouTube says it doesn’t target ads to users based upon any of its search queries, but to help users find and watch content.


LinkedIn and Yahoo: LinkedIn and Yahoo both use social networking sites to help connect people with other like-minded people.


Google Maps: Google has been targeted by the online ad industry for years, and that’s led to some backlash.

Google says that there are no ads that Google uses for its maps on its maps platform.

18. Amazon is a company that makes a lot for its users, but the company’s data collection practices are a target of many people.

Amazon has a ton of data that is being used for advertising purposes, and some advertisers say that it’s using its user data to track its users’ interests and to target its ads.

19. and its subsidiary Google Adwords: Facebook and Google have been criticized in the past for using their users’ data to send targeted ads and have been accused by the Advertising Standards Council of violating the Federal False Advertising Act.


Instacart: Instacart has been the target of some criticism for its data collection and for how it uses it.

In its blog post from last month, Instacarn says that the company has removed more than 40,000 ads that had been showing up in users’ search results because of their ad tracking practices.


YouTube Live: YouTube Live is a video service which lets users upload videos from their personal cameras.


YouTube Music: YouTube Music is a service that gives users access to millions of songs