Amazon is pushing its ecommerce business to a new level.

The online retailer on Tuesday announced it is launching its own online bookstore, offering everything from books and DVDs to home decor and toys, in an effort to attract customers away from brick-and-mortar retailers.

Amazon is building its own fulfillment center and buying online through third-party merchants that offer fulfillment services.

The Amazon bookstore, which is expected to open in 2018, will have 1,000 titles and 50,000 to 60,000 products, the company said.

The Amazon bookstore is not just a way to get people to shop online, Amazon said in a statement.

It’s also a way for customers to explore a wide range of products in the store.

Amazon says the store is expected be a big success.

“With Amazon Books, customers will be able to discover, browse and purchase products directly from our extensive inventory, while enjoying the convenience of shopping at home with a dedicated, physical storefront,” the statement said.

“It’s a win-win for customers and a great way to keep Amazon shoppers happy.”

The company has made a big push to expand into the ecommerce space in recent years, announcing a $10 billion investment in the business last year.

In May, it announced it was buying ecommerce software company Shopify for $970 million.

Amazon has also expanded its online bookstore to more than 3 million merchants across the country.

The new book shop will be available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. It will be based in downtown Seattle, where Amazon plans to build a second online bookstore next year.

“We’re making Amazon Books one of the most important, best-loved online retailers in the world, and we’re thrilled to have this partnership,” said Dan Dunn, the chief executive of, the online retailer.

“We’re excited to work with Amazon to provide customers with a wide selection of Amazon products, from books to bookshelves, and accessories to accessories, that are built to last.”

Amazon says it will have books in 50 countries and more than 400 languages.

The Seattle bookstore is being created by Amazon’s retail division and will employ about 2,000 people.

It is the first Amazon bookstore to open, with plans to add other cities.

The Seattle bookstore will open in the second quarter of 2018.

The company says it has more than 5,600,000 customers in its e-commerce and online stores, including 3.3 million customers who shop on Amazon.

And Amazon says its online shopping service has more customers than the entire U.S. e-Commerce industry.

Amazon Books is expected become a major player in the e-books market.

Amazon recently opened its first store in New York City and in January it announced plans to open a second store in Boston.

The bookstore has not yet released pricing or sales figures, but the company says its bookstore has already generated about $2 billion in sales for Amazon, including more than $700 million in revenue from book purchases.