I can’t help but think of all the adorable moments I saw in anime.

It can sometimes be hard to pin down which anime series and series are the best in terms of kiss-ability, but the following is a list of the best kiss-inducing moments in anime, based on my personal experience.


A kiss in the bathroom, episode 3 of the Bakemonogatari series A kiss is always an adventure when you’re on vacation or on the toilet.

But even in the most relaxed moments of our day, it’s always nice to have a kiss.

Bakemono no Sora was an episode 3 episode of Bakemonogy where Takuya accidentally kisses a boy at a beach.

The episode is an adventure-y slice of slice of life, with Takuya being a bit awkward and trying to find the right words to say.

This episode is especially memorable for the kiss between Takuya and Kana.

The first kiss is one of the most romantic and heartwarming scenes I’ve ever seen in an anime, and it’s also one of my favorite moments in Bakemon.

In fact, I have the original episode on my shelf.

The second episode, where the two of them are playing with the bathtub and Takuya decides to make a kiss, is another episode that captures my love for kiss-making.

This scene is so much more fun than anything else I can think of in Bake.

The third episode is the one where Tika has her first kiss, and I love how this episode ends with a scene of them kissing again.

This was my first kiss in Bake and I have a special place in my heart for it. 2.

A love scene in the park, episode 2 of the Blue Exorcist series In anime, there are many kinds of romantic scenes that we can watch together.

Some of them involve someone making a romantic gesture, some involve a kiss that is purely physical, and some involve some kind of romantic moment.

But none of these romantic scenes are without their flaws.

The one I think is the most common is when you watch an anime together and you make a love scene together.

You make a physical kiss or a physical hug, and then you have to do the same with a romantic kiss or kiss-induced physical hug.

When you watch romantic anime, it is usually something that’s easy for the characters to get to.

So, you can’t really do much to change that.

When I watch romantic movies, there’s a lot of time where the characters aren’t really trying to make any effort to make the romance work.

They’re just trying to hold it in, and they’re not making a lot more effort than normal.

So I think the romance in Bake is more of a mystery.


A romantic kiss, episode 1 of the The Cat and the Wolf series In the original Japanese version of the Cat and The Wolf anime, the two cats make a romantic love scene, but in the English version, the cats do not.

The English version is the first one I’ve watched in English.

In this episode, Takuya makes the cute, cute kiss with his little sister, and when he does it, he gets the best of both worlds.

When he kisses her, he feels like he’s actually made a kiss with a girl and is really touched by her.

I’ve seen many romantic scenes in anime before, but it’s amazing how much they get a little emotional for the audience.

This one just feels so natural.

The other thing that made this scene special is that it had a romantic tone.

The way the two cat and the wolf are in this scene is perfect for a romantic scene.

In addition to the fact that Takuya feels so good that he kisses his little sibling, he’s so glad that the other cat doesn’t have a crush on him.

In the end, when Takuya says “I love you,” the other cats’ faces light up.

It’s just adorable.


The scene where a dog kisses a cat, episode 10 of the Oozora no Seishunai series It’s a really weird scene in this series.

It has to be the first scene in Oozorak, but I’m sure you’ve seen it before.

In episode 10, Tatsuya, Riko, and Takasugi make a cute, romantic kiss in a park.

It was pretty easy to get the audience to fall in love with the cute kiss.

The cute part of the scene was that the cat and dog were hugging each other, which is something you rarely see in anime scenes.

The adorable part was that Tatsu and Riko were wearing cute cat ears, and Tatsu was even holding a pink cat ear in his hands.

And Riko was wearing a cute pink dress.

The little details in this kiss were adorable.

It just makes me so happy that I watched this scene.

The whole episode is really adorable, and the scene where