This week, Lego announced that it was revamping its website design.

Lego says that it has changed how it looks and feels to be more inclusive and relevant to a wider audience.

The change is called the Lego Web Design Manifesto.

It is an open letter to the internet that says, “Lego is an inclusive company.

We are all people of different races, religions, genders, and backgrounds, and we have always strived to make the Lego brand inclusive to everyone.

We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but the only way we can continue to serve the many fans who come to us for the Lego product line.”

According to the manifesto, the Lego design team has been listening to fans, including women, people of colour, LGBT people, trans people, and people with disabilities.

They also include many people who do not consider themselves “lego fans”, but are passionate about the product and are inspired by its design and design inspiration.

The letter goes on to say that “we want the Lego logo to be a beacon of inclusion in our brand, and to reflect the way we see the world.”

The Lego team says that the changes are part of a broader strategy to make sure that Lego products are accessible to all.

It says that Lego has always been about making things that are fun and easy to build, and that “creating an inclusive, inclusive Lego is a core value of the Lego team”.

It says that while there is still room for improvement, the team is making progress and “creates a beautiful and welcoming design experience for our fans”.

In addition, Lego says it has been working on “a new look and feel for all of our Lego products” including the popular, popular Lego sets.

The company says that “the new design will be accessible to everyone and will allow Lego fans to discover our brands products on a more seamless and intuitive experience”.

While this is great news for the many Lego fans who have been clamouring for a new look, some people have expressed concern that the new design is not inclusive enough.

The Lego Web design manifesto also says that there will be a series of announcements, including new product launches and events, to further improve Lego’s design and look.

Lego also says it is working to make its logo more “transparent, inclusive, and inclusive”.

This isn’t the first time Lego has had to change its designs to better meet consumer needs.

In February, the company said that it would be launching a new logo, which it says will be more “sustainable and modern”.