article The newest update to Google Photos for Android is now rolling out to users across the country.

It introduces a new Auto-Play feature that will allow you to quickly navigate through photos on your phone and desktop without having to swipe from the top of the screen to do so.

Users will also be able to pause, resume, and rewind images in Photos without having a separate app.

The Auto-play button is located on the top left corner of the camera app, and it allows you to scroll through photos from your camera roll and zoom in on any image.

There are several different Auto-plays available on Google Photos, and you can tap the icon to begin one of them.

For example, you can select “Next” to jump straight to the next photo in the gallery.

There are a few other improvements that have been made to Photos for the update.

For starters, when you open a photo in a photo viewer, the auto-plays will be disabled and you’ll have to manually click on them to bring up the new photo instead.

The app also now has a “Show” button on the bottom right corner that will automatically open the next image in the slideshow if you press it.

You can also tap on the thumbnail of the next picture in a slideshow to open it in a new tab.

The next image will automatically load and you will be presented with a new slide show instead.

The update also makes it easier to search for images, search for your current photo, and even tap on a photo thumbnail to preview the image in question.

Google Photos has always been designed to be very responsive to user input and user feedback, so the auto plays have been a big part of that.

The new update will be rolling out in the coming days.

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