New Disney movies will be available online starting Friday, but you’ll need to buy a movie ticket to watch them.

Disney says the movies will cost about $12.99 and will be distributed by Disney’s online movie platform, Disney Movies Anywhere.

It will also stream movies on TV through Vudu, iTunes and Vudio.

Here’s what you need to know about the new lineup.

Disney’s movies are now available for streaming and download.

There’s an online option and a mobile app that’s coming to Android, iOS and Amazon Fire tablets and smartphones later this year.

Disney said the movies were designed to be “the ultimate entertainment experience,” which means you’ll want to be ready to catch all the new episodes on the day you buy them.

You can watch Disney movies on Roku and Apple TV, for example.

Disney is also launching its own video-on-demand service.

The Disney Movies Everywhere service will be similar to Netflix and Hulu, but it will include exclusive Disney movies, a “new online experience” and more features.

Disney is hoping to bring this service to other streaming services as well.

You’ll have to sign up for Disney Movies anytime you want to watch a new Disney movie.

Disney Movies will be accessible through the Disney Movies app on iOS and Android devices, as well as on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Web Player devices.

Disney Movies Anyplace is the same online option that’s available for Netflix and YouTube, and it will be delivered to Apple TV devices via a service called the Disney Channel.

The app will also be available on Apple TV at a later date.

Disney has said that Disney Movies and Disney Movies anywhere will be the first Disney Movies online service.

Disney has said it plans to make more films available through Disney Movies, including more original content and a new line of Disney movies.

The company is also developing a mobile video app, which will be released in 2019.