Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says he’s concerned about the proliferation of pornography in some of Australia’s biggest cities.

“I think it’s quite a concern that people are accessing pornography on social media sites,” Mr Weatherill told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Today programme.

“They’re downloading it on their phones or using the internet.”

Mr Weatherill said it was too early to draw conclusions about the extent of the problem but he was worried about “somebody out there doing it with the intent to hurt people”.

“It’s not just pornography, it’s just the type of things we see in the community, the type that are just incredibly distressing,” he said.

“And I think it is important that we continue to be vigilant, and continue to keep people safe.”

Mr FitzGerald said police were aware of the issue, and there were “no restrictions” on the content of pornography sites.

“We don’t restrict our enforcement capabilities, we don’t look at our police resources, but we do take any information we can from people that are potentially potentially doing harm,” he told Today.

Mr Fitzgerald said the Government had made some changes to its pornography laws and that it was now investigating whether the internet service providers were violating the legislation.

“The legislation is a great thing, it allows people to access free content,” he added.

“It makes it very easy for us to enforce that, and to look at that to make sure that our laws are working in the right way.”

But we’ll have to see how that plays out.

“We’re also looking at what we’re doing about it on the digital side.”

The Premier also said he was pleased the Government was working to improve internet safety.

“Internet safety is something we’re taking very seriously,” he continued.

“So we’re working with the industry to make the internet more secure, to make it better for the people that use it, and hopefully, to help them to continue to do that.”

The ABC’s Michelle Guthrie contributed to this report.