A number of job sites and social media sites have started to offer an “Employment Outlook” widget, which lets users know what they should expect if they are applying for a job in their area.

The job seekers will be able to click on the widget to get an overview of the positions available in their chosen area, as well as their salary, job titles, job description, and other information.

The information will also be available via Twitter and Facebook.

For instance, on jobseekers.co.uk, you can see that, according to the website, the average salary for an IT technician is £37,976, while the average wage for a salesperson is £29,958.

It also states that, as of March 2018, there were 7,566,400 IT technicians in the UK, compared to the previous figure of 6,633,400 in 2014.

A separate job search site, CareerBuilder, is offering an employment outlook for “technical roles”, with a median salary of £33,068.

You can also find the same information on the company’s website.

A spokesperson for JobCentre Plus told The Next Word that “we have seen a surge in the number of vacancies in the past few months and as more employers begin to look at our network of employers we will continue to provide them with an information hub to help them fill their vacancies”.

Jobseekers.com said that the number and type of positions available is based on the number, location and job title of the person applying for the job, and the job description they will be required to provide.

They also said that there are over 9,000 job vacancies in their network, with a minimum of 50 available jobs per month.

Jobcentre Plus is also providing job search tips for employers, including how to get the most out of their job search, the best way to search for candidates and how to respond to job queries.

In a recent report, jobcentreplus.com warned that the IT sector had a high turnover rate, with one in three people leaving the IT industry within three years of joining.

And, according in a recent study by LinkedIn, one in four people surveyed said that they have taken unpaid leave for work related reasons in the last 12 months.