Google has been on a tear, but there is little reason to believe it can win the battle for the global online ad market.

While Google is far and away the largest online ad buyer, its competitors are slowly losing ground.

We are extremely confident that Google is our #1 choice for the #1 online ad seller in the world.

#GoogleMobile, according to an article published in Business Insider, is now the second-largest ad buyer after Facebook.

Google’s dominance of the online advertising space is a major step forward for the company, which has seen its revenues rise more than 150 percent year over year since the end of 2015.

While Google is not the only company vying for the mobile ad market, the company is now dominant in terms of dollars spent, which accounts for about a third of total global advertising spend.

The company has also been steadily adding more and more features to its ad offerings over the past few years, adding a number of new ad-supported features, such as the ability to run ads on video, search and more.

The ad industry has seen a dramatic shift from the days of Microsoft and Facebook before them, with both companies adding advertising features in the form of native apps, to native web apps, native apps that can run across mobile devices and other mobile platforms.

It’s a big change in how the ad industry is structured, which is why Google is making its ad platform even more mobile-focused, especially since its own Pixel phone launched last year.

Google is also working on new products to expand its ad offering, such the AdSense platform that will let advertisers build and monetize their own video and social content, a feature that will be announced next month.

AdSense is not just about the ad platform, though.

Google has also built a number that are more broadly useful, such YouTube’s AdSense video ad platform that lets advertisers distribute and monetise their videos.

Google’s other significant mobile-ad rival, Apple, has struggled to stay relevant in the ad space over the years, while Apple is also spending money on ads to keep up with its competitors, especially Facebook.

Apple has also invested heavily in mobile advertising, including in YouTube’s ad platform and in the new video ad service called Vimeo, which lets people upload their own videos and share them with advertisers.

But it’s Google’s ad business that is making the most money, with Google making over half of all ad spending worldwide and Apple taking less than 2 percent.

For Apple, that makes it the clear leader in terms.

Apple’s total ad spending for the year reached $8.2 billion, while Google’s total spent was $3.3 billion.

Google made $1.9 billion, and Apple made $4.4 billion.

However, the competition for ad dollars is fierce in the mobile space.

Google and Facebook are dominating the ad business, with Apple in the lead.

Apple dominates the mobile video ad space, while Facebook has a very small ad spend.

Apple also dominates the native web ad market by a long shot, but Apple is far from alone.

Google leads in native web ads, and is even more dominant in native mobile ad spending.

Google dominates in the video ad market and in native native video advertising, but Facebook is far behind.

Apple and Facebook also dominate in the native mobile video advertising market.

Apple is in the clear lead in the market overall, but it’s the video ads that are taking a beating.

Facebook’s video ad spend was only $1 billion for the quarter, and Google made just over $3 billion of that.

As Google and Apple have struggled to keep pace with the rest of the ad market in terms, Google’s mobile ad spend has been going down.

Google lost $1 million in Q4, while it made $873 million.

In Q4 of 2017, Google lost more than $3 million and Apple lost $6 million.

Apple lost nearly $1,000 in Q1 and lost $521 million in the same quarter.

Google also posted a $3,200 loss in the first quarter of 2018, and the company has yet to make up the lost revenue from the Pixel phones.

It’s not just Apple and Google that are suffering from Google’s decline.

Facebook, on the other hand, is doing very well.

Facebook lost $4 million in 2017 and $3 in 2018.

In both quarters, Facebook has also made more money than Google.

Microsoft has also suffered from the decline in the smartphone ad market over the last couple of years.

Microsoft’s smartphone ad spend in 2017 was $1 trillion, and in 2018 it was $2.2 trillion.

Microsoft lost more money in Q2 2017 than in Q3 2018, but was still in the red for the whole year.

Apple, too, has suffered from Microsoft’s decline in smartphone ad spending, but with Apple’s growing market share and strong monet